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By Meredith De Silva

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The arrival of Christianity to Sri Lanka was marked by violence and bloodshed. In contrast to Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, which arrived on the island in a peaceful manner, Christianity arrived with sword in hand. The native Buddhists and Hindus were slaughtered, their temples destroyed and looted, and their priests killed – all in the name of Jesus Christ. For close to 500 years the people of Sri Lanka were subjugated and Christianity was forced down upon the populace with an iron fist.

Buddhists and Hindus were forced to convert to Christianity to get an education, and their marriages were not recognised by the Christian rulers. In order to gain any position of importance, one had to convert to Christianity. Buddhist and Hindu religious observances were prohibited in areas controlled by Christians and churches were built upon the destroyed remains of Buddhist and Hindu temples. Buddhists and Hindus who refused to convert were either killed, harassed or relegated to second class status. Men and women were paid by Christian groups to produce books and go from village to village attacking the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism. In this manner, Christian fanaticism was brought into full force in Sri Lanka.

Today, even after independence, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims are still being targeted by Christian extremists. While foreign Christian groups have set up shop in the island, many of the most fanatical followers are actually locals who care naught for religious diversity and pluralism. Extremist Sri Lankan Christians have attacked Buddhist temples, destroyed Buddha statues and beaten up Buddhist monks who have dared to stand against their aggressive and unethical methods of proselytism. In the eastern city of Trincomalee militant Christians have tried to convert Hindus by planting crosses near Hindu temples and handing out inflammatory phamplets that attack Hindu Gods and ask people to convert to Christianity to supposedly escape the caste system. The driving force behind this fanaticism are both foreign and Sri Lankan Christian priests, who have been brought up to hate non-Christians and non-Christian faiths.

Currently, hundreds of Christian groups in the island are attempting to convert non-Christians to Christianity by planting churches in villages that are virtually 100% Buddhist or Hindu, and then going from door to door attacking Buddhism or Hinduism. They use money and material gifts as bait to gain the attention of the poor. Once they have gained a convert they ask him or her to destroy statues of the Buddha or Hindu Gods, or burn the sacred scriptures of Buddhism or Hinduism in order to signify their conversion to Christianity. Understandably, this has created much religious tension in the island.

Like in neighbouring India, Christian extremists in Sri Lanka have one goal in mind – to convert all Sri Lankans to Christianity. Their aim is to destroy religious diversity and claim Christianity as the sole religion of the people. Christian fundamentalists in Sri Lanka believe that they have a God-given right to convert people as they wish and when they wish. Their militant attacks on Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims is a testimony to the hatred taught by the ideology they follow.

Militant Christians in Sri Lanka continue to fulfill their extremist and intolerant ambitions unhindered. In the process they are destroying religious harmony and trying to establish a climate of ill-will. The Christian priests who are behind the hate attacks on Buddhists and Hindus continue to operate without concern for the country or her people. Sri Lankans of all faiths need to stand up against this violent and intolerant brand of Christianity and tell the hateful Christian priests who are spearheading the movement where to get off. Sri Lankans come from various different religious backgrounds and the Christian extremists want to end that. They want everyone to follow only one religion, Christianity alone. Today is the time for Sri Lankans to stand up against that fanaticism


About ජාතික බෞද්ධ බලවේගය

Ayubowan! The National Buddhist Authority (NBA) a well developed organizations which were officially battle against the Rascals who are in local society and who were engage as an international persons for poverty alleviation as a cover for proselytizing activity. We may put our advanced heritage presser which our ancestor did upon the peoples who dealing with converting our peoples for any other faith and Abuse (Insulting Speech) of our culture and the moral of Buddhist main concepts. We are secretly finding the necessary static data and also exploring entrench area and giving an “ON THE SPOT” action without thinking difficulty or danger that must be rise within sound of whom think that converting to their faith is fundamental right in our “Dhrama Dveepa”. Regarding need ness of the case we will report in writing with dates, place name or persons involved and all cases of abuse or illegal activities in the name of a religion or faith and first and last attempted to convert persons in Sri-Lanka to Buddhist organizations, temple, nearest Police Station, Grama Niladari and other local authority as well as presidency level. National Buddhist Authority eager to call upon all Sinhalese Buddhist organizations(International too) to join hands in a Endeavour to defeat the proselytizing efforts of sponsored evangelical and other NGO organizations and thereby to guard the Sinhalese Buddhist culture and tradition for posterity, Relating to their fantasy book,Fantasy Story David did killed the philistine champion who named as Goliath, then all of us too cannot fail. NOTE: This cite is not aimed at or against Christians Or Muslims or Any Other faith Holders.This site is aimed against Christians,Muslim or who ever seek or want to convert Buddhist to Christianity or Muslim or other goodish doctrine. We Buddhist refer to them as "missionaries." We Buddhist respect Christians or Muslim or other followers who maintain the doctrines of their belief, but we do not accept anyone's "right" to proselytize.



  1. Who wil stop this?

    Posted by Rai | June 28, 2012, 2:14 pm
    • Surely Christianity may have arrived with sword but those who came with sword in the name of jesus were not the true christians…because jesus himself said..”those who live by the sword will die by the sword”..jesus spread his message peacefully…he did not go and fight those who didnot belive in him ..Infact he was so much forgiving. that he laid down his life for his follwers as well as those who did not belive….thus those who promusciated the name of jesus christ by bringing sword…will surely not miss their punishment on the day of Judgment….as for now i want to point to jesus who was perfect …god entered in human form through jesus….to give salvation..jesus is the only way to salvation…as he himself said..” I am the way the truth and the life no one come to the father(GOD) except through me..” ….i personally believe that christ’s message should be carried to the whole world including srilanka because it is the ultimate command of jesus to carry out him Good news which no true christian can overlook…..
      but i believe that we should do this peacefully and modelled on the way of jesus…who even though his enemies rejected him he still loved them and prayed for them..this is the way the true christians should spread the good news….Then we shall shine like stars in heaven….look at jesus and what he did for humanity….not a few of the colonial so called “christians” who were not true christians at all but were a bunch of people obssesed with power and a urge for conquest…..they surely were not true christians but we are …who follow the way that jesus lived…of sufferings and love ..of forgivness and peace…..

      Posted by Jacob Mathew | September 2, 2013, 7:08 am


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