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අවකල් ක්‍රියාවෙන් යුත් පුජකයෝ(Disreputable priest), ඇස ගිය තැන්, ඉංග්‍රීසි පුවත් (English News), උගත් පාඩම් හා ප්‍රතිසන්ධාන කොමිෂන් සභා වාර්තාව සදහා සිහළ බොදු පිළිතුරක්, කොටි බල වඩන පුජකයෝ, කොටි හිතවාදී විශ්වවිද්‍යාලය, ජයලලිතා ජයරාම්, ත්‍රිවිද හමුදාවට පොලිසියට පහරදෙන්නේ ශාන්තුවර්යෝද නැත්නම් අන්තවදින්ද ?, දෙමළ ජාතිවාදය ද පරාජය කරමු

European Union vs Sri Lanka

European Union vs Sri Lanka


The international community of white, christian, western nations falsely accused Sri Lanka of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’!

1. So, hasn’t Sri Lanka committed any ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights Violations’?

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country which, throughout its 2,560 years of documented history, has never waged war against any other country and has never invaded any other country. Sri Lanka’s Buddhist people never kill any innocent creatures – not even tiny insects!

2. And what about the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations (ICWCW)?

GOD: “Thou shalt not kill!” [The Ten Commandments]

JESUS: “If someone hits you on the left cheek, turn the other cheek, also!” [Matthew: ]

In fact, almost ALL of the International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations have more than 1,600-years of brutal War Crimes and Human Rights violations.

For example:

  • Countless invasions of the homelands of other nations and the brutal and bloody murders of millions of indigenous peoples (including the near-exterminations of the Amerindians and the Australian Aborigines) to rob their wealth and colonize their lands;
  • Tortures and murders (including by the Catholic Vatican’s Inquisitions and Crusades – which included brutal murders by drawing-and-quartering people or burning people alive at stakes!) of millions of believers of other religions around the world and terrorizing the rest into forced mass conversions into Christianity. [“Christianity tops the list of belligerent religions” – Bertrand Russell, Bernard Shaw.]
  • Mass murders of more than 640,000 men, women and children in the American Civil War;
  • Mass murders of millions of men, women and children in the internecine World War I;
  • Mass murders of millions of men, women and children in the internecine World War II;
  • Mass murders, directly or indirectly, of tens of thousands of men, women and children with gas weapons and chemical weapons;
  • Murders, directly or indirectly, of millions of people in gas chambers in Auswichtz, Belsen, etc.;
  • Mass murders of 50,000 men, women and children by bombings in Dresden, etc.;
  • Mass murders, directly or indirectly, of more than 500,000 men, women and children with the use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
  • Mass murders, including with napalm bombings of millions of people in Vietnam;
  • Mass murders – STILL continuing – of over 860,000 civilian men, women and children in over 10 years of torturing and bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • Directly or indirectly, the War Crimes atrocities, in May 2009 alone, where over 200 children were killed in a single bombing raid in Afghanistan; etc.

3. Almost all of these atrocities by many of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations have been backed, directly or indirectly, by many of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian-dominated Western mass media organizations, many of which:

  • Directly or indirectly or implicitly, supported (depending on which side they were) many of the above acts (from the beginnings of these media organizations);
  • Directly or indirectly concealed or camouflaged or under-reported most of the above brutal atrocities, cynically flouting the principle of Press Freedom;
  • Yet, at the same time, most of these media organisations substantially distorted, exaggerated, otherwise misreported – or simply invented – for the past thirty years, ‘facts’ relating to the Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka. For example, they:
  1. Concealed from the world public, during the past thirty years, the fact that the Tamil terrorists were Catholics, and instead disseminated the fiction that they were Hindus;
  2. Concealed from their reporting the fact that the Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists were directly or indirectly, and secretly, financed, armed and trained by many of theInternational Community’ of White, Christian, Western (ICWCW) nations;
  3. Concealed from their reporting (contrary to principles of Press Freedom) the fact that, in Sri Lanka, the Catholic Tamil terrorists committed War Crimes and Human Rights violations by brutally torturing and murdering more than 85,000 people, mostly Buddhist Sinhela men, women and children, monks and nuns (In many villages, each person’s limbs – and then the head – were cut off one by one while alive) during the past thirty years; and destroyed Buddhist temples and shrines.
  4. Under-reported the enormity of these genocidal crimes by the Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists, by describing them as ‘rebels’ and ‘militants’, even ‘freedom fighters’! – yet almost invariably described anti-Western criminals elsewhere, who committed even minor crimes as ‘terrorists’;
  5. Falsely described the Tamil terrorists as ‘fighting for a Tamil homeland’, concealing the fact that the Tamils were already having their own homeland, Tamil-Nadu (meaning ‘Tamil country’) -which is twice the size of Sri Lanka – in south India. (See map above);
  6. Disseminated world-wide, an endless flood of lies, half-truths and distortions relating to the Sri Lankan situation. They blatantly invented a fictitious ‘civil war between the Sinhelas and Tamils’ (NO Sinhela civilians AT ALL fought against the Tamil terrorists or civilians – otherwise the terrorists would have been wiped out long ago!); fictitious ‘discriminations against Tamils’ (e.g., Two out of the six presidents, and four prime ministers, were in fact, Tamils! What are the corresponding figures for similar minorities in the ICWCW countries?); invented fictitious ‘war crimes and ‘Human Rights violations’ by the Sri Lankan forces’; Concealed the fact that since more than two-thirds of Tamils still live among the majority Sinhelas in the South, the Tamils’ absurd claim of ‘genocide’ was a ploy to hide the true motive for their migration to the West was not to escape being killed (which they could have easily done by going just 22 miles over the sea back to the Tamil homeland, Tamil Nadu, but for economic gains; moreover, it was the Tamils who killed more than 85,000 Sinhelas, rather than the reverse! ALL these lies were invented to intimidate and blackmail Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) into allowing the Catholic Tamil terrorists to conduct their genocidal terrorism unhindered.
  7. Concealed from the world public opinion that the real aim of the Catholic Tamil terrorism was to seize – with the direct and indirect support (including weapons and finance) of most of the above ICWC Western countries – nearly a third of Sri Lanka (Sinhalé), in the north and east of the Island, to set up a Catholic state as a foothold for the invasion and subjugation of the entire Buddhist country and forcibly convert it to Catholicism.
  8. In other words, most of the White, Christian-dominated Western media concealed from the world public opinion, that the genocidal Roman Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists were formally, or effectively, a terrorist arm of the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed, there have been at least eleven reported cases of Catholic and other Christian priests having been arrested in Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) while transporting suicide belts, guns, ammunition and explosives for the Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists or having similar equipment in their churches. Or for having given accommodation, like at staging posts, to the terrorists on their way to Colombo for bombings. Under pressure from the Churches and from Western Christian countries, the priests were illegally released and never prosecuted. Yet, Buddhist Sinhelas who stole coconuts or other minor items remain in prison in this 76%  Buddhist Island under the normal law. These facts were ALSO censored and concealed from the world public opinion by the ICWC Western media.
  9. All these, and the frequent attacks in Buddhist Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) by Christians on Buddhist monks (at least two have even been beaten to death and two killed with poison) and attacks on Buddhist temples were totally censored and concealed (in violation of the principle of Press Freedom) by much of the Sri Lankan media, most of which are ALSO Christian-dominated. Instead they, then, disseminated to the world media inverted stories of fictitious ‘attacks on churches’ and ‘the lack of press freedom for Christians’!

4. Almost all of these ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations and their media organizations have been backed by an ‘International Community’ of White, Christian-dominated Western Human Rights organizations, many of which have, directly or indirectly or implicitly, colluded (from the beginning of these organizations) in the atrocities listed above, by avoiding to demand prosecutions of those in the ICWCW nations responsible for those War Crimes and Human Rights violations; and by avoiding to report, or by under-reporting, the extent and enormity of the genocidal atrocities of more than 85,000 murders committed against the indigenous, pacific, Buddhist Sinhela men, women and children, Buddhist monks and nuns in Sri Lanka (Sinhalé) over the past thirty years by Catholic Tamil terrorists..

5. Most of these ‘International Community’ of White Christian Western nations and ICWC Western-dominated Mass Media organizations and ICWC Western-dominated Human Rights organizations as well as the White, Christian, Western-dominated United Nations Organization and the White, Christian, Western-dominated European Union and many White, Christian, Western-dominated INGOs and Christian Western-dominated NGOs have now ganged-up in an extraordinary ANTI-BUDDHIST, AGGRESSIVE, ORGANIZED CRUSADE-WAR against a tiny Island called Sinhalé (Currrently wrongly named ‘Sri Lanka’)’;

  1. Containing a tiny Sinhela Nation of just 14 millions;
  2. Who follow the 2,560 year old – but rational, scientific and modern – Buddhist religion,
  3. Which advocates Total Non-Violence against innocent beings (even tiny insects);
  4. And has, amazingly, a totally-pacific documented history of over 2,560 years;
  5. And has an incredible record of never having invaded the lands of any other nations or committed War Crimes or Human Rights violations – a record which is NOT matched by MOST of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian Western nations.

6. This Twenty-first Century Neo-Crusade-War, being waged by this massive consortium of multi-level White, Christian Western-dominated blocs against Sinhalé (‘Sri Lanka’), appears to have been intended to white-wash, protect and promote a brutal, Roman-Catholic, Tamil terrorist genocidal-killer and his murderous backers who have been engaged in a thirty-year bloody war to terrorize the pacific Buddhist Sinhelas of Sinhalé (‘Sri Lanka’) in order to seize one-third of their Island motherland to establish an East Timor-like Catholic state as a first foothold for the subsequent Catholic subjugation of the entire Buddhist Island.

This LTTE Roman Catholic Tamil terrorist, V Parakaran had committed:

  1. The murder of Mr. R Premadasa, President of Sri Lanka;
  2. The murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India;
  3. The murder of Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar, (a Tamil) Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka;
  4. The murders of other government ministers (including Tamils) of Sri Lanka;
  5. The brutal murders of more than 85,000 innocent Sri Lankan men, women and children, most of them Buddhist Sinhelas but also including Muslims and Tamils;
  6. The attack on the most sacred Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka, the Temple of the Tooth;
  7. The attack on the second most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Sacred Bo-Tree.

In pursuit of an unbelievable VENDETTA, in retaliation for the eradication of the genocidal Catholic LTTE Tamil terrorists, many of the members of the ‘International Community’ of White, Christian, Western nations have launched a vicious anti-Buddhist NEO-CRUSADE to punish the Sinhela Nation on invented ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’ for DEFENDING itself IN ITS OWN TERRITORY!

Yet many ICWCW nations, themselves, are chargeable for ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Human Rights violations’ for the above-listed aggressive atrocities, and also those now being committed by them in the territories of other sovereign nations!


Wimal Ediriwira – The SINHALÉ (“Sri Lanka”) Centre,


About ජාතික බෞද්ධ බලවේගය

Ayubowan! The National Buddhist Authority (NBA) a well developed organizations which were officially battle against the Rascals who are in local society and who were engage as an international persons for poverty alleviation as a cover for proselytizing activity. We may put our advanced heritage presser which our ancestor did upon the peoples who dealing with converting our peoples for any other faith and Abuse (Insulting Speech) of our culture and the moral of Buddhist main concepts. We are secretly finding the necessary static data and also exploring entrench area and giving an “ON THE SPOT” action without thinking difficulty or danger that must be rise within sound of whom think that converting to their faith is fundamental right in our “Dhrama Dveepa”. Regarding need ness of the case we will report in writing with dates, place name or persons involved and all cases of abuse or illegal activities in the name of a religion or faith and first and last attempted to convert persons in Sri-Lanka to Buddhist organizations, temple, nearest Police Station, Grama Niladari and other local authority as well as presidency level. National Buddhist Authority eager to call upon all Sinhalese Buddhist organizations(International too) to join hands in a Endeavour to defeat the proselytizing efforts of sponsored evangelical and other NGO organizations and thereby to guard the Sinhalese Buddhist culture and tradition for posterity, Relating to their fantasy book,Fantasy Story David did killed the philistine champion who named as Goliath, then all of us too cannot fail. NOTE: This cite is not aimed at or against Christians Or Muslims or Any Other faith Holders.This site is aimed against Christians,Muslim or who ever seek or want to convert Buddhist to Christianity or Muslim or other goodish doctrine. We Buddhist refer to them as "missionaries." We Buddhist respect Christians or Muslim or other followers who maintain the doctrines of their belief, but we do not accept anyone's "right" to proselytize.

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