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Sri Lanka: What are the names of the ‘40,000 dead’ – Where did they live and where are their relatives?

SriLanka: What are the names of the ‘40,000 dead’ – Where did they live and where are their relatives?


There appears to be a scramble among LTTE supporters to compete with each other as to whose guestimates can embarrass the Sri Lankan Government and its Armed Forces. What is preposterous is that the sources for these guestimates come from LTTE sources. Leaving aside the exaggerations behind these claims what must not escape anyone’s attention are a few simple questions a) Where are the 40,000 or even 125,000 bodies of the supposed dead? b) What are their names – the dead must surely have names and those claiming anyone is dead must surely know who the dead person is c) where did these dead live – give a list of addresses and d) who are the relatives of the dead and on what grounds can they claim it was the Armed Forces who killed them – this again brings us back to the question, where are the dead bodies, at least the skeletons and how did the army manage to bury so many dead bodies without a single video footage landing in the hands of Channel 4 who are making merry and getting international notoriety by repeatedly concocting tales on the instructions of those funding them and winning awards from agencies that were pals of the LTTE too. So we have a nice web of international players all ganging up against Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka should categorically say that the country will not waste time energy and money because a handful are paid to drop numbers of death figures without an iota of credible evidence. Therefore, produce the names of the dead – 40,000 or 125,000 even if its 300,000 it does not matter. Their names- their addresses must be produced.

The guestimate competition started with the appointment of the Darusman Panel. This Panel was appointed by the UN Secretary General in his capacity as UN Secretary General to appraise him of the final stages of the war. Note ‘appraise him’ thus the Panel, its investigation, its findings or even its conclusions were not mandated by the UN General Assembly or its Members. That is why the report was titled THE REPORT OF THE UN SECRETARY GENERAL’S PANEL OF EXPERTS. Thus, the Report should not have been allowed to gain international acceptance in the light of being the ONLY such personal appointment when there are scores of conflicts older than Sri Lanka’s which ideally should call for similar Expert Panels to be appointed.

Excuse us for asking but what were these international figures and UN Secretary General’s including Ban Ki Moon doing for 30 odd years watching LTTE blast people to bits, kill pregnant women, babies and learned people and no sooner the LTTE is vanquished they are quick to come out demanding accountability, transparency, holding Geneva Rights all leading to demand why the LTTE were killed? What kind of hypocrisy are we witnessing?

When Supramaniam Swamy says it is ridiculous for the Tamils to demand the release of the LTTE accused for killing Rajiv Gandhi simply because they are Tamils and the arrest hurts the sentiments of the Tamils. This needs to be reminded at this stage to all the international and local supporters of the LTTE. As Subramanium Swamy says the LTTE were killers and they deserve just punishment. If this is the rationale for Rajiv Gandhi and this should not change for ordinary civilians that the LTTE killed? Moreover, the East was liberated far before the North – why did these same organizations not place the same attention to the East as they are doing to the North?

Raising our eyebrows further is the fact that the Darusman Panel gives LTTE a certificate of approval as a ‘disciplined group’ and simply copies what we know of the LTTE – ‘known for its forced recruitment and use of child soldiers, including boys and girls’ while claiming to have ‘credible evidence’ of ‘credible allegations’ in the final report against the armed forces. What the sources are for the ‘credible evidence’, how the evidence was examined, why allegations were accepted or rejected, how the credibility of eyewitnesses were qualified and other criteria was never disclosed which dampens the credibility of the Panel findings especially when it quotes Tamilnet the propaganda machinery of the LTTE. This is why Yasushi Akashi, Senior Adviser on Foreign Policy in Japan said ‘the Darusman Report though intended only to be an advisory report to the Secretary General of the UN is IMPROPER’.

Be that as it may the 3 member panel quoted 40,000 dead in its 2011 report.

Thereafter Robert Blake, former US Ambassador started quoting 40,000 dead and used this figure at the US Congressional Hearing too.

Then the figures became a sport and LTTE supporter Siobhain McDonagh (Labor MP for Mitcham and Morden) declared 100,000 people had died and 40,000 of them were civilians. She must have counted the dead!

Amnesty International in a special report titled ‘When will they get justice? Failures of Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission’ published in 2011 quoted 10,000 civilian deaths.

Gordon Weiss former UN official initially quoted 7000 dead. Then the entrepreneur in him took over and to boost his book sales, the figure changed to 40,000 which he changed to 10,000 at his book launch and disowned responsibility for the change of numbers attributing it to the printers! Thereafter plenty of other ‘authors’ gained fame for joining in the bandwagon quoting death figures and they have amassed plenty of wealth by doing so. It has become a lucrative venture now to quote numbers of dead in Sri Lanka.

The number of dead quoted by the UN country team in Sri Lanka was 7721 people. The UN Expert Panel however says that these figures are too low to accept. Does this next imply that bizarre guestimates is the way to go?

The comprehensive survey by the Government in the Northern region at the conclusion of the conflict placed the number of dead and missing during the final phase at 7400 dead and 2600 missing. The 7400 dead included LTTE fighters killed in combat. Of the 2600 missing, 1600 had been with the LTTE whereas only 438 had disappeared in areas under military control.

Then there is the satellite analysis report on the graveyards in Mullaitivu by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. They identified 3 graveyards which had expanded to a highest number of 1346 and one of the graveyards belonged to the LTTE showing 960 burials. Why did satellites not detect 125,000 dead bodies or even 40,000?

To have dead bodies there must be HUMANS. In July 2011 Tamil Officers (mostly teachers of the North) did a population survey of the North covering migration, deaths, untraceable persons from 2005 to 2009. These officers declare 7896 as dead including LTTE terrorists while the number of natural deaths due to old age and sickness was 1102.

Then came the Charles Petrie review of the UNSG’s report which came up with another fantastical figure – 70,000 completely ignoring the deaths reported by the UN Representatives office in Colombo as 7721. Let us also remind readers that even Tamilnet the LTTE propaganda wing reported a total of 7398 deaths. So for what reason or for whose agenda is these numbers being quoted without names, addresses or details.

When the LTTE ran its defacto rule, they had their own courts, own judges own LTTE legal doctrines – therefore it is not difficult to gage what happened to anyone standing on the LTTE dock before an LTTE judge in an LTTE court. The nonsense of treating terrorists on the same platform as democratically elected governments is a tragi-comic exercise by multicultural liberalists who have nothing better to do than turn accepted norms into bizarre secular theories.

How can a group of people who rule ONLY because they hold gun in one hand and bombs in the other have any credibility over governments that are elected by millions of people voting for them? If Governments are to be accused by LTTE terrorist sources and their stooges then voters are equally guilty and if voters are to be placed on the dock simply because LTTE sources say so then we would like to add that no one asked the LTTE to take up arms, no one forced them to kill or to adopt the murderous path of suicide terrorism and to plan and execute people. If the LTTE did so and thousands of innocent people became targets of their heinous agenda of crime and terror – it is the justice for them that should be taken up first. Whoever has heard of terrorists being given justice totally ignoring the deaths of innocent victims they snuffed out?

The Armed Forces have been too good to these murderers. Let it not be forgotten that TWICE the President of Sri Lanka appealed to the LTTE to give up their arms and surrender. The LTTE response was that they would fight to the last man and when the LTTE makes such a decision no one has any right to be pointing fingers. The LTTE threw a challenge, the LTTE was given umpteen chances to mend their ways. That they did not is no fault of the Sri Lankan Government or the Armed Forces. A Just War concluded in May 2009. If Tamil civilians and entire villages were taken by the LTTE for whatever reasons best known to them it is the LTTE that must be blamed for compromising their own people. The legality of combatants and non-combatants clearly denies any civilian the protection of a non-combatant if they had been taking part in hostilities. Hard as it is to accept this fact – it is a fact that is legally enshrined. The LTTE itself declared the civilians were helping them – if so they lose their civilian status. We continue to question how many of these ‘civilians’ were realistically ‘civilians’ But we are giving them the benefit of the doubt because if they had been digging trenches for the LTTE then it makes them no less guilty than the LTTE. If civilians were subject to the definition of a combatant – it is the LTTE that has to be blamed not the armed forces.

In wars there are collateral damage and no terrorist will handle with care any non-LTTE (be in military personnel or Sinhalese/Muslim) alive in their possession. The language the LTTE knew was to only kill and it is the language they only understand. So they must be treated in the language they comprehend for they have never shown mercy to others and we have lists of even Tamils who have been gunned down and killed.

Yet, 300,000 Tamils were saved and brought to safety and nothing happened to 11,000 LTTE fighters – most of them are now rehabilitated and reintegrated into society – that speaks volumes.

If this ritual of screening a paid documentary sponsored by sources that are kept in the dark before foreign parliaments and even UN, gives the nod of acceptability why do we need to appoint learned people for roles and have local or international courts with internationally accepted benchmarks for judgements? Moreover, we knew Channel 4 would reveal a documentary close to CHOGM with Terrorist TV anchor Issipriya becoming the focus of the latest release. If we are to accept for argument sake that this is an authentic clipping we would next like to have answered why Channel 4, its director and the sponsors of the documentary kept this video for 3 years without releasing it if justice and not commercial and political mileage was being sought? Why did they keep this to use only on occasions specifically targeting the Government of Sri Lanka?

Is this not why the Channel 4 documentaries are being screened across the world, its director sheds crocodile tears and the whole gang are invited for roundtable talks by Human Rights Organizations that invites ONLY LTTE apologists as panel members?

What needs to be categorically said is that to have dead bodies – there must first be people. For there to be people they must have names, therefore anyone making allegations must first come with a list of 120,000 names or even 40,000 names and not simply throw numbers into the air.

Next is a Government elected by people is not answerable to a private channel that produces documentaries on sponsorships and funds. No Government or even citizens of Sri Lanka need to respond to any allegations that a private channel like the Channel 4 makes.

If we are talking about victims – victims starts from the very first person LTTE gunned and it is from the beginning that investigations should start not why the LTTE was killed because the LTTE chose death and it was the LTTE that opted to kill and no one else. That needs to be very clearly understood. LTTE took to guns, LTTE killed scores of people mostly civilians including Tamils and it is these crimes that were never taken up by the very parties that are now suddenly producing the red card. Why did they sit silent watching innocent Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims be killed by the LTTE over 3 decades and why are they now coming to action after the LTTE defeat is a question these international protagonists now need to answer.

It is time these LTTE apologists started to answer some questions first.

Whatever anyone says it was our BRAVE SOLDIERS who LIBERATED the Tamil people from the LTTE. It was Sri Lanka that suffered 30 years of TERRORISM, it was TERRORISTS who were defeated in May 2009 (not Tamils).

Therefore on what grounds have we accepted the notion of reconciliation? Why do we need reconciliation when we fought a war with Terrorists and Terrorists are no lambs. They have no qualms about taking lives of others – who says Terrorists need to be given preferential treatment?

Shenali D Waduge

Tamil Politicians – Priests – Public Officials and Academics killed by the LTTE


Tamil Politicians – Priests – Public Officials and Academics killed by the LTTE


However much the TNA or the new Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran attempts to turn a megalomaniac terrorist banned by 32 foreign nations as a Terrorist Organization, into a ‘HERO’ there are some hard facts that Tamils should not forget. First reminder is – LTTE’s first killing spree started not by killing Sinhalese but by killing Tamils – the popular Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiappah became Prabakaran’s first target followed by scores of Tamil police officers gunned down while on duty. There are many Tamils who bemoan that a Tamil cannot become the President of Sri Lanka. They however are reluctant to admit that Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar well on his way to becoming the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka was gunned down at his own home by the LTTE. The lists of Tamil politicians, academics, priests and other learned public officials and civil society members gunned down by the LTTE especially in ‘their’ supposed ‘homeland’ terrain of Jaffna goes to show with what fright the Tamil people would have lived under LTTE rule, something they are still too proud to admit mesmerized by the notion that whatever LTTE crimes even killing their own people, the LTTE were afterall Tamils. We then would like to know whether the living Tamils have no sympathy for the Tamils slain by the LTTE over the years and why they do not seek justice for their deaths like the rest of the Sri Lankan citizenry. These men who had been gunned down were educated, people of standing, respected by all communities and future leaders – they held all the qualifications that stood in the way of LTTE dictatorship which is why LTTE eliminated them preferring to keep the handful of politicians within the TNA who were ever ready to tow the LTTE line.

For Tamil politicians of the class of TULF/ACTC and even those in the present day TNA they cannot shy from addressing the caste/class factor which they had to swallow while rebel movements of low caste youth began to dictate how Tamils were to live and function. That freedom came in May 2009 with the elimination of the LTTE yet again it is nothing that the caste/class Tamils would ever admit for in attempting to keep alive the link through the ‘hero’ worship of the LTTE, the new Tamil leaders are hoping to once again hide the psyche of what dictates Tamil rule over Tamils and this was perfectly displayed in the bizarre ceremonial inauguration afforded to the new Chief Minister and the attire that showcased the exact nature of the mentality that the caste/class continue to suffer. While absorbed in what would continue to be a master-slave mentality unbeknown to the majority Hindus their ‘homeland’ is being deviously converted at all levels by the very sources that were helping LTTE thrive and survive! The scenario tragically is being replicated in India and in particular Tamil Nadu.

Be that as it may – the contentious argument has always been that the LTTE has been and was formed to protect the interests of the Tamil. The deaths below which excludes the ORDINARY TAMILS killed by the LTTE is proof that LTTE is not a representative of the Tamils however much hero worship the TNA and Wigneswaran currently attempts to do. The continued link to LTTE despite its elimination goes to show that the rest of the links that kept LTTE alive is keeping the TNA and Wigneswaran puppets on strings as well. These are all lessons for the Tamil polity to decide exactly where they want their future to go – not now but in 20 to 30 years and beyond and it is no better a time than now for Tamils to wonder where the TNA or Wigneswaran or even the LTTE fronts of the Christian sponsored organizations of the Tamil Diaspora are taking the Tamil people of Sri Lanka. It is these same players that are pulling the strings of the celluloid politicos in Tamil Nadu where for an aspiring to be super power – we do not expect India to go on bended knees to the theatrics of just one state. We never thought that India’s foreign policy would be determined by celluloid players of Tamil Nadu!


01. 20/04/2008 2 Tamil Catholic Priests killed by LTTE Rev Fr M.X .KARUNARATNAM- Chairman of the NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights(NESOHR) – known as ‘Father Kili’ among LTTE cadres. Claymore mine  attack – Kilinochchi
02. 26/09/2007 Rev. Fr. NICHOLASPILLAI PACKIYARANJITH- (Mannar District Coordinator of Jesuit Refugee Service) Claymore mine  attack – Mannar
03. 21/09/2008

4 Tamil Hindu Priests killed by LTTE

SIVAKUGARAJ KURUKKAL – Chief Priest (Kurukkal) of KONESHWARAN Kovil Shot dead – Trincomalee
04. 07/02/2007 HINDU PRIEST SELLAIYA KURUKKAL PARAMESHWARAM  KURUKKAL (Santhveli Pullayarkovil – VAKARAI) Shot dead – Batticoloa
05. 03/01/2006 PRIEST SELLATHAMBY VINAGARATHNAM ( Sathively Kanagranman Temple Shot dead – Batticoloa
06. 14/09/2005 HINDU PRIEST SABANANDA SHARMA (Maradanamadam Hindu Temple) Shot dead – Jaffna
07. 28/05/2005

6 Tamil police personnel killed by LTTE while on dutry – ‘Note: 3 of the killings were well before 1983 July riots

Mr. SA THAYAGARAJA (Sub Inspector – Batticaloa ) Shot dead – Batticoloa
08. 23/09/1992 SP MR. THEOPHILUS – Shot dead – Colombo
09. 01/07/1979 IP Mr. GURUSAMAY – A witness of the SANSONI Commission. Shot dead – Jaffna
10. 07/04/1978

Tamil politicians have bemoaned that Tamils are not represented in the Police – They forget that the Tamils who served in the police were killed and others were too scared to join lest they too would be killed!

IP Mr. BASTIANPILLAI Investigator into terrorist activities. Shot dead – Mannar
11. 06/05/1978 IP, Mr. PATHMANADAN  Investigator into terrorist activities. Shot dead – Jaffna
12. 07/09/1978 IP Mr. KUMARU Shot dead – Jaffna
13. 11/03/1986

1 Tamil Judge

Mr. P.K KIRUBAKARAN – Judge, Primary Court. Shot dead
14. 05/05/1984

1 Tamil Justice of Peace

15. 12/07/2007

11 Tamil Principals (including 1 Tamil lady Principal) killed by LTTE

Mr. MANIYAM KANAPATHIPPILLAI-  Sivapirakasa Maha Vidyalaya. Shot dead – Jaffna
16. 11/10/2005 Mr. NADARAJA SHIVAGADASAN  ( Principal of J/Christian College KOPAY) Shot dead – Jaffna
17. 11/10/2005 Mr. K. RAJADORAI ( Principal of Central College – JAFFNA) Shot dead – Jaffna
18. 01/11/1995 Mrs. PASUPATHIPILLAI – Principal of Manipay  Hindu Vidyalaya. Shot dead – Jaffna
19. 31/01/1988

Targeting of Tamil principals by LTTE was directly to send a message to the Principals who were not willing to allow Tamil children to be kidnapped

Mr. S.SITHTHAMPARANATHAN – School Principal. Shot dead – Jaffna
20. 13/05/1988 Mr. MASALAMANI KANAGARANAM (Principal of Arampathi. Maha Vidyalaya) Shot dead – Jaffna
21. 03/11/1987 Mr. E. DHARMALINGAM – Principal of  Puttur College Shot dead – Batticoloa
22. 14/12/1987

and trained to become LTTE child soldiers. Many children were taken from schools and trained in combat

Mr. K ELIYATHAMBI  KANDASAMY – Principal of Palugamam Maha Vidyalaya Shot dead – Batticoloa
23. 14/12/1987 Mr. K. E. KANDASAMY Principle of PALUGAMAM Maha Vidyalaya. Shot dead – Batticoloa
24. 05/08/1986 Mr. SIVALINGAM – Principal, Sittandy Ramakrishnan Mission School. Shot dead – Batticoloa
25. 26/06/1985 Mr. C.E ANANDARAJAH – Principal of St’ Johns College. Shot dead – Colombo
26. 14/12/1987

3 Tamil teachers killed by LTTE

Mr. VELAMPPODI GUNARATNAM – Teaching PALUGAMAM Maha Vidyalaya. Shot dead – Batticoloa
27. 03/10/2005 Mr. PARAMESHVARAM ( A Teacher of OLR school JAFFNA) Hand Grenade attack – Jaffna
28. 11/10/2006 Miss SHIVAGHANA SELWAM ( Teacher of Saraswathi College- KINNLADY) Shot dead – Batticoloa
29. 27/05/1990

4 Tamil civil society members

Mrs. THAMBIMUTTU – Social worker/Wife of Mr. SAM THAMBIMUTTU, EPRLF MP for Batticaloa. Shot dead – Batticoloa
30. 27/10/1988 Mr. RAJA SHANKAR – President of the Citizens Committee. Shot dead – Jaffna
31. 17/12/1987 Mr. K. SUGATHADASAN – Ex President of AMBALANTHURAI Citizens Committee. Shot dead – Batticoloa
32. 22/08/1985 Mr. D K THAMBIPILLAI President of Citizen Committee Shot dead – Oddusudan
33. 12/01/2007

21 Tamil Gramasevaka’s in public service 

Mr. VELLAYAN PREMACHANDRAN (Gramasevaka – J-383  GS Division) Shot dead – Thondamaru
34. 20/09/2007 Mr. MUTHUKUMARAN PARAMASODI – (Gramasewaka- Palaththadichenai) Shot dead – Palaththadichenai
35. 20/04/2008 Mr. KANAGARATHNAM ANADI – Gramasewaka- Kalmunai Shot dead – Batticoloa
36. 16/10/2006 Mr MARKANDU MAHENDRAN (Gramasewaka – J/95 ARIALAI Shot dead – Jaffna
37. 20/06/2005 Mr. MARIMUTTU PASKARAN ( Gramasevaka Kalmunai – 3) Shot dead – Ampara
38. 21/09/2005 Mr. A. JEEVARATHNAM (Gramasevaka – Kinniady) Hand Grenade attack – Batticoloa
39 19/10/2005 Mr. PERAIRA WEERASINGHAM ( Gramasevaka – KANKANKULAM) Shot dead – Vavuniya
40. 09/07/2004 Mr KUNJITAHMBI SIVARAZA ( Gramasevaka Karadyanaru ) Shot dead – Batticoloa
41. 20/11/1991

These Tamil Gramasevaka’s were only doing their duty to the citizens of Sri Lanka and did not deserve to be killed by the LTTE.

Mr. S WIJERATNAM – Gramasevaka, Kokkadicholai. Shot dead – Batticoloa
42. 23/11/1991 Mr. K PODIWEERARTNAM Gramasevaka -Pandariyawela. Shot dead – Batticoloa
43. 28/01/1990 Mr. KANDASAMY SADANANDAN JOTHI (Gramasevaka of  Nilaveli Division). Shot dead – Trincomalee
44. 09/09/1989 Mr. KRISHNAMOOTH – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Velvetithurai
45. 09/09/1989 Mr. SHAMMUGHANATHAN – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Velvetithurai
46. 12/10/1989 Mr. SIVENDRARAJA – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Batticoloa
47. 09/04/1987 Mr. KANAPATHIPILLAI SUNDARALINGAM – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Kalavanchikudy
48. 26/11/1987 Mr. P. SINNADURAI – AGA, Mr. HANIFFA  – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Trincomalee
49. 17/12/1987 Mr. P. SUNDARANAYAGAM – Gramasevaka , Kokkadichoalai Shot dead – Batticoloa
50. 17/12/1987 Mr. P. UNDARANAYAGAM Gramasevaka of Kokkadicholai. Shot dead – Batticoloa
51. 23/08/1986 Mr. S VISHVALINGAM – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Trincomalee
52. 03/10/1985 Mr. VADIVEL PERIMBAM – Gramasevaka Shot dead – Valachchenai
53. 25/05/1984 Mr. VATHTHIYAMPILLAI FRANCIS – Gramasevaka of Madagal. Shot dead – Sandilipai
54. 07/01/2008

30 Tamil public officials killed by LTTE

Mr.PARASURAMAN NANTHAKUMAR – President of Batticaloa District Volunteer Teacher’s Union. Shot dead – Batticoloa
55. 07/01/2008 Mr.PARASURAMAN NANTHAKUMAR – President of Batticaloa District Volunteer Teacher’s Union. Shot dead – Batticoloa
56. 05/01/2007

* Union Leaders

Mr.V.GANESHALINGAM (Agrcaltural officer) Claymore mine  attack – Vavuniya
57. 05/01/2007

* Agriculture Officers

Mr.V.MAHENDRAN (Agrcaltural officer) Claymore mine  attack – Vavuniya
58. 22/01/2007

* Education Officers

Mr. DARAMAKULASINGHAM ( CTB Depot Manager- VAVUNIYA) Shot dead – Vavuniya
59. 26/01/2007

* Engineers

Mr. THANGARASA UDAYARASAN Shot dead – Trincomalee
60. 24/04/2006

* Government Agents

Mr. ARIYARATHNAM LINKGESHWARAM  (Education Office – VALACHCHENAI) Shot dead – Batticoloa
61. 26/05/2006

* Supervisors / Managers, Secretary’s

Mr. RATHNAM RATHNARAJAH  (Provincial official Director Irrigation Engineer – BATTICALOA) Shot dead – Kalliyankadu
62. 21/06/2006 Mr.SINNAMAM THARMARAJAH ( Manager of URELU Cooperative Society) Shot dead – Jaffna
63. 04/08/2006

Includes K.T. Loganathan – Deputy General of the

Mr. PONNATURAI GANESHA MOORTHI- ( Bank Manager of People’s Bank- KANKASANTHRAI) Shot dead – Jaffna
64. 12/08/2006

Secretariat Coordinating for Peace Process killed by the LTTE during the infamous 2002 ceasefire agreement

Mr. K. LOGANADAN ( Deputy General of Secretariat Coordinating for Peace Process) Shot dead – Colombo
65. 04/04/2005 Mr THYAGARAJA KAILANADAN ( Director of Vocational Training Centre attached to Ministry of Hindu Cultural Affairs ) Shot dead – Batticoloa
66. 10/04/2005 Mr SIVARATHNAM ARUNAMBALAM ( Development Registrar of Samurdhi) Shot dead – Ampara
67. 15/04/2005 Mr T. THAWARASA ( Divisional Secretary) Shot dead – Ampara
68. 07/04/1989 Mr. RAMANATHAN – AGA, Jaffna. Shot dead – Jaffna
69. 01/05/1989 Mr. V. M.  PANCHALINGAM  – GA, for  Jaffna. Shot dead – Nallur
70. 02/05/1989 Mr. PANCHALINGAM – Assistant Manager of Marketing Depot – Kilinochchi Shot dead – Kilinochchi
71. 10/05/1989 Mr. MAHALINGAM – Asst manager of marketing Depot – KLN Shot dead – Jaffna
72. 28/06/1989 Mr.  K. PULENDRAN – AGA, Kopay Shot dead – Jaffna
73. 03/08/1989 Mr. ARASARATNAM  GANESHAPILLAI supervisor of the Irrigation Department Shot dead – Batticoloa
74. 06/09/1989 Mr. P. RAVINDRAN – Station Master Shot dead – Kilinochchi
75. 30/11/1989 Mr. K SUNDARALINGAM (Clerk of the MPCS Union, Pandirippu) Shot dead – Batticoloa
76. 11/05/1988 NADARAJAH KUGADASAN – Co-operative Manager Shot dead – Batticoloa
77. 15/09/1987 Mr. P. VIGNARAJAH – AGA, Samanthurai. Shot dead – Ampara
78. 28/09/1987 Mr. ARUMUGAMPILLAI – Secretary UC, Trincomalee Shot dead – Trincomalee
79. 08/10/1987 Mr. S. S. JEGANATHAN – AGA, Batticaloa Shot dead – Batticoloa
80. 06/11/1987 Mr. V S PARAMAGURU Dept Engineer Shot dead – Trincomalee
81. 14/12/1987 Mr. KANAPATHIPILLAI SUNDARALINGAM – Member of Gramodaya Mandalaya Shot dead – Batticoloa
82. 24/02/1985 Mr. S  GNANACHANDIRAM GA , Mullaitivu. Shot dead – Kilinochchi
83. 18/09/1984 Mr. SAMYTHAMBI GOPALAPILLAI – Special Service Officer of Thambiluvil. Shot dead – Batticoloa
84. 08/12/1984 Mr. U RAMAIAH supervisor of Cement Corporation – KKS. Shot dead – Jaffna
85. 21/09/1989

2 Tamil University Lecturers

Dr. RAJINI THIRANAGAMA – University Lectuter married to a Sinhalese, Political activist. Shot dead – Jaffna
86. 24/05/2004 Mr. KUMARAVELLU THAMBAIYA ( Lecturer of Eastern University) Shot dead – Batticoloa
87. 28/05/2008

5 Tamil media personnel killed by LTTE

Mr. Paranirupasingham Devakumar – Jaffna correspondent for the independent channel News 1st Stabbed – Jaffna
88. 12/08/2005 Mr. & Mrs Relangi Selvarajah  – Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corp Shot dead – Colombo
89. 10/05/1989 Mr. MAHALINGAM  – Reporter of the Island News Paper. Shot dead – Jaffna
90. 18/02/1989 Mr. MYLVAGANAM editor of the Daily “ELAMURUSU” Shot dead – Jaffna
91. 14/07/1989

1 Tamil Ayuredic physician

Mr. KRISHNAPILLAI – Ayuvedic Physician Shot dead – Batticoloa

90 Tamils murdered by the LTTE

2 Catholic Priests
6 Members of Civil Society
21 Gramasevaka
3 Teachers
30 Public officials
11 principals
1 political organizer
2 media
2 lecturers
1 Justice of Peace
1 Judge
3 Hindu Priests
1 health official
6 police


Assassination of Tamil Politicians by LTTE since 1975

All Ceylon Tamil Congress – 2

Communist Party – 1

EPDP members – 16

EPRLF – 7 including its leader


TELO – 7 including its leader

TNA – 5

TULF – 16 including General Secretary Amirthalingam

UNP – 13

TMVP – 1

Foreign Minister – Lakshman Kadiragamar

Jeyraj Fernandopulle







1 00/01/1900 1st Tamil killed by LTTE – a Tamil Mayor Mr. ALFRED DURAIAPPA  – MP and Mayor of JAFFNA. Shot dead – near Kovil
2 05/01/2000 ACTC – General Secretary Mr. KUMAR PONNAMBALAM – General Secretary of the All Ceylon Tamil Congress(ACTC)/ leading lawyer. shot dead
3 25/01/1989 ACTC – Tamil Candidate Mr. N K SIVAGNANAM  – All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) Candidate. shot dead – Jaffna
4 08/03/1988 Communist Party – Secretary Mr. S VIJAYANATHAM  – Secretary of the Ceylon Communist Party in JAFFNA. shot dead – Jaffna
5 04/02/1999 EPDP Member Mr. NADARAJAH SIVARAJH – The Vice Chairmen of Valikamam East Provincial Council and an EPDP member. shot dead – Jaffna
6 04/02/1999 EPDP Member Mr. BANDARI KANDASAMI – EPDP member of Valikamam East Provincial Council. shot dead – Jaffna
7 31/05/1999 EPDP Member Mr. THIYAGARAJAH RAJKUMAR – EPDP/Member and Vice Chairman of Provincial Council, Nallur. shot dead – Jaffna
8 12/10/1999 EPDP Member Mr. THAMBIRASA VINAYAGAMOORTHI @ VASIKARAN – EPDP Co-ordination Officer. shot dead – Ampara
9 02/11/1999 EPDP Member Mr. NADARAJAH ATPUTHARAJAH – EPDP, MP/Secretary of the Politbureau of the EPDP/Editor of “THINAMURUSU” (a Tamil tabloid paper). Shot dead – Colombo
10 02/03/2000 EPDP Member Mr. ANTON SIVALINGAM – EPDP/Member of  Municipal Council, Jaffna. shot dead
11 18/04/2003 EPDP Member Mr. MARIYAMUTTU RAJALINGAM @ JEGADEESAN  the Chairman of the Alayadivembu Pradeshiya Sabha. (member of EPDP). shot dead – Ampara
12 03/05/2003 EPDP Member Mr. DHARMARAJAH JEYARASA  – EPDP, Former Chairman of the Nelliady Pradeshiya Sabha. shot dead – Jaffna
13 16/06/2003 EPDP Member PONNIAH RAMACHANRAN @ PRATHAB,  Candidate Contesting the Local Govt. Election for the BATTICALOA Urban Council . Shot dead – Batticoloa
14 21/07/2004 EPDP Member Mr.RAVINDRAN VELAUDAN @ KAMALAN- the Chairman of the Alayadivembo Pradeshiya Sabha. (Member of EPDP). Shot dead – Batticoloa
15 16/08/2004 EPDP Member Mr. BALRAJ NADARAJAH AIYAR @ ILEIYAVAN, the EPDP Tamil media spokesman / an EPDP candidate for the Jaffna District at the General Election 2004 and a Senior journalist. Shot dead – Colombo
16 10/09/2004 EPDP Member Mr. ATHMALINGAM RAMANI @ PANDIYAN, the Deputy Orgniser of the EPDP for TRINCOMALEE. shot dead – Trincomalee
17 11/09/2004 EPDP Member Mr. MAYAN CHANDRA MOHAN @ ARULDAS – An  EPDP member, (Ex-member of KYTS ATCHUVELI Pradeshiya Sabha). shot dead – Jaffna
18 18/09/2004 EPDP Member Mr. THAMBITHURAI SIVAKUMAR @ BAWAN, the EPDP leader of THILLADI, JFN. ( An EPDP candidate for the JAFFNA District Parliamentary Election 2004). shot dead – Puttalam
19 13/05/2008 EPDP Member Miss MAHESHVARI VELAUTHAM – MP DOUGALS DEVANANDA’s  Adviser. shot dead – Jaffna
20 19/06/1990 EPFL Member Mr. PERIYATHAMBY KIRUBAKARAN – Finance Minister of North East Provincial Council . Shot dead – India
21 19/06/1990 EPRLF – LEADER Mr. KANDASAMY PATHMANABHA – EPRLF leader. Shot dead – India
22 28/04/2005 EPRLF – Member Mr MURUGESU WARDARAJA, EPRLF, A member of  PORATHIVU Pradeshiya Sabha ( Former EPRLF deputy leader in BATTICALOA.) Shot dead – Batticoloa
23 28/01/1990 EPRLF – Tamil MP Mr. P GANESHALINGAM – EPRLF, Ex Provincial Council Member. Shot dead – Trincomalee
24 07/05/1990 EPRLF – Tamil MP Mr. SAM THAMBIMUTTU – EPRLF MP for BATTIALOA. Shot dead – Trincomalee
25 19/06/1990 EPRLF – Tamil MP Mr. V K YOGASANGARI – EPRLF, MP for JAFFNA District. Shot dead – India
26 27/09/2004 EPRLF Member Mr.VALLISUNDARAM , a former member of the VALIKAMAM NORTH Pradeshiya Saba (from 1998-2002) and a member of the EPRLF ( Vardaraja Perumal group). shot dead – Jaffna
27 12/08/2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs – a Tamil Hon LAKSHMAN KADIRAGAMAR -Minister of Foreign Affairs. Shot dead at home
28 06/04/2008 Minister of Highways and Road Development Hon. Minster JEYARAJ FERNANDOPULLE  – Minister of Highways & Road Development and Chief Government Whip. Suicide Attack.
29 10/09/2000 People’s Alliance – Candidate Mr. R. J. PERIMANAYAGAM – PA Candidate for Batticaloa – General Election 2000. shot dead – Ampara
30 02/09/1999 PLOTE – Deputy Leader Mr. K MANICKADASAN – Deputy leader of PLOTE. shot dead – Vavuniya
31 14/06/2003 PLOTE – Deputy Leader Mr. SUBADDIRAN @ ROBERT, Deputy Leader of PLOTE. shot dead – Jaffna
32 31/12/1994 PLOTE – Leader Mr. ARUMUGAM CHELLIAH @ KARAVAI KANDASAMI – Vice President of DPLF/ Leader of PLOTE . Shot dead – Colombo
33 10/12/1999 Marias Anton aka David Marias Anton aka David Shot dead
34 13/01/2000 PLOTE – Member Mr. VADIVELU WIJAYARATHNAM – UC Chairman, Point Pedro. shot dead – Jaffna
35 15/07/1998 PLOTE – MP Mr. SARAVANABAWANANDAN  SHANMUGANATHAN @ VASANTHAN – PLOTE, MP for Vavuniya District. Claymore mine attack – Vavuniya
36 05/05/1999 PLOTE – MP Mr. VEERAHATHAHY GUNARATHNAM –  PLOTE Provincial Council member for Pachchilaipalli. shot dead – Vavuniya
37 13/05/1999 PLOTE – MP Mr. KAILASAPATHI – PLOTE, Pradesiya Saba member of Valikamam East. shot dead – Jaffna
38 16/07/1989 PLOTE Leader Mr. Uma Maheswaran – Chairman of the LTTE who created PLOTE Shot dead – India
39 16/07/1999 PLOTE Leader Mr. BASKARALINGAM – PLOTE leader in Vavuniya. shot dead – Vavuniya
40 11/06/1995 Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman Mr. PATHMANANDAN – Chairman of Thirukkovil Pradesiya Sabha. shot dead – Ampara
41 29/05/1999 Razik Group Leader Mr.MOORTHILINGAM GANESHAMOORTHI- RAZIK Group Leader. Suicide Attack – Batticoloa
42 03/10/1997 SLFP Jaffna Office President Mr. S P THARMALINGAM – President of   SLFP Jaffna office. shot dead – Jaffna
43 28/04/1995 SLFP Organizer – Tamil Mr. K. VINODAN- Former SLFP Organiser, JAFFNA Shot dead – Colombo
44 03/09/1994 TELO – Deputy Leader Mr. T JAYARAJAN   -Deputy leader of TELO/ Chairman of the Provincial Council in Batticaloa. Shot dead – Batticoloa
45 25/05/2005 TELO – Member Mr. PERIYAPUDI SOORIYAMOORTHI , Former Mayor of TRINCOMALEE ( A TELO member) shot dead – Trincomalee
46 07/06/2000 TELO – MP Mr. KANAPATHIPILLAI NAVARATHNA RAJAH @ ROBERT – TELO, member of Pradesiya Saba, Arapathi, Batticaloa. shot dead
47 15/07/1994 TELO – Pradeshiya Member Mr. VELEPODI ALAGIAH – TELO, Pradesiya Saba member. Shot dead – Batticoloa
48 06/06/1986 TELO Leader Mr. S. Sabaratnam – TELO Leader Shot dead by LTTE’s Kittu
49 01/06/2003 TELO Member Mr. KALIRAJAH RAMANAN Former member of the Batticaloa Minicipal Council and Former TELO member. Shot dead – Batticoloa
50 26/10/1995 TELO Member / Deputy Mayor Mr. ANTHONY THOMAS – Deputy Mayor. (TELO member) Shot dead – Batticoloa
51 02/06/2008 TMVP Member Mr. PUSHPANADAN AIYATHURE – Vice Chairman of KALUTHAVALI Pradeshiya Sabha. Shot dead – Batticoloa
52 30/03/2004 TNA – Candidate Mr.RAJAN SATHYAMOORTHY, a TNA candidate for Batticaloa District. Shot dead – Batticoloa
53 19/10/2004 TNA – Tamil MP Mr. KINGSLY RAJANAYAGAM , a former TNA MP for Batticaloa. Shot dead – Batticoloa
54 25/12/2005 TNA – Tamil MP Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham – TNA MP Batticoloa Shot dead – Batticoloa
55 08/08/2006 TNA – Tamil MP Mr. Nataraj Raviraj Shot dead – Colombo
56 20/10/2000 TNA – Tamil MP Mr. Kingsley Rasanayagam – TNA MP Batticoloa Shot dead – Batticoloa
57 08/03/1989 TULF – Chief Organizer Mr. SINNATHAMBI SABANANDAN – Chief organiser of TULF. shot dead – Jaffna
58 13/07/1989 TULF – Chief Organizer Mr. SINNATHAMBI SAMBANDANMOORTHI  – Chairman of District Development Council /Chief organizer of the TULF in Eravur. Shot dead – Batticoloa
59 26/12/1998 TULF – District Secretary / Chairman MGR Ramachandran Foundation Mr. PONNADURAI MATHIMUGARAJAH –  District Secretary of the TULF, Nallur/ The Chairman of the International M.G. Ramachandran organisation. shot dead – Jaffna
60 13/07/1989 TULF – Gen. Secretary Mr. A. AMIRTHALINGAM, MP, Secretary General of the TULF/ a Former Opposition Leader. Shot dead – at home in Colombo
61 15/07/1990 TULF – MP Mr. K KANAGARATNAM – MP for POTTUVIL Shot dead – Pottuvil
62 16/05/1998 TULF – MP Mrs. SAROJINI YOGESHWARAN – Mayor of MC, Jaffna/ Wife of Mr. V. Yogeshwaran TULF MP for Jaffna who was killed by the LTTE on 13/07/1989. shot dead – Jaffna
63 01/09/1985 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. K THURAIRATHINAM – TULF MP for POINT PEDRO. shot dead – Jaffna
64 03/09/1985 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. K RAJALINGAM – TULF, MP for UDUPPIDDI. shot dead – Jaffna
65 03/09/1985 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. V. DHARMALINGAM  –  TULF MP  for MANIPAI Father of Mr. D. SIDDHARTHAN  (PLOTE leader) shot dead – Jaffna
66 03/09/1985 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. K ALALASUNDARAM  – TULF, MP for KOPAY. shot dead – Jaffna
67 13/07/1989 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. V. YOGESHWARAN – TULF,  MP for JAFFNA. Shot dead – Colombo
68 05/07/1997 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. ARUNACHALAM THANGATHURAI – TULF MP for Trincomalee. Shot dead – Trincomalee infront of hundreds of school children
69 29/07/1999 TULF – Tamil MP Dr. NEELAN THIRUCHELVAM – TULF MP (National list)/Constitutional Lawyer. Suicide Attack.
70 07/11/2000 TULF – Tamil MP Mr. ASHLEY NIMALANAYAGAM  SAUNDRANAYAGAM- TULF MP for Batticaloa. Shot dead – Batticoloa
71 11/09/1998 TULF – Tamil MP / Mayor Mr. PONNADURAI SIVAPALAN – TULF/ Mayor of MC, JAFFNA- succeeded slain Mrs. Yogeshwaran Time Bomb Attack – Nallur kovil, Jaffna
72 20/03/1988 TULF – Tamil Organizer Mr. VELUMURUGU – TULF organizer. Shot dead – Batticoloa
73 01/01/2008 UNF – Minister Mr. T. MAHESWARAN – A former Minister of UNF government shot dead – at Colombo kovil
74 17/11/2001 UNP – Candidate Mr.SINNATHAMBY RAJKUMAR – UNP Candidate for Batticaloa district – General election 2001. Shot dead – Batticoloa
75 06/10/2008 UNP – Organizer Dr. RAJA JOHNPULLE –  Organizer of ANURADHAPURA District and wife Suicide Attack – Anuradhapura
76 11/10/2008 UNP – Tamal Organizer Mr. T.M TAVACHELVAM- UNP organizer, Vavuniya shot dead – Vavuniya
77 24/05/1981 UNP – Tamil Candidate Dr. THIYAGARAJAH – UNP Candidate for   District Development Council (DDC) elections – 1981 / MP for Vaddukodai Shot dead – Batticoloa
78 29/04/1983 UNP – Tamil Candidate Mr. K. V. RATHNASINGHAM – UNP Candidate for UC elections – POINT PEDRO. shot dead – Jaffna
79 04/06/1983 UNP – Tamil Candidate Mr. SINNATHAMBI THILAGAR –UNP, Candidate for Local Govt elections – 1983. shot dead – Jaffna
80 01/03/2004 UNP – Tamil Candidate Mr. SINNATHAMBI SUNDARAMPILLAI, UNP candidate for the Batticaloa District at the General Electen 2004. Shot dead – Batticoloa
81 01/09/1983 UNP – Tamil Municipal member Mr. MALA  RAMACHANDRAN – UNP Member of Municipal Council. Shot dead – Batticoloa
82 02/10/1980 UNP – Tamil Organizer Mr. SUBRAMANIAM  – UNP Organiser for KILINOCHCHI. Shot dead – Kilinochchi
83 15/11/1982 UNP – Tamil Organizer Mr. VALLIPURAM THAMBIPILLAI – UNP organiser for PUNNALAIKADDUVAN. shot dead – Jaffna
84 19/01/1983 UNP – Tamil Organizer Mr. K.T. PULLENDRAN – Ex-MP/UNP organiser for VAVUNIYA. shot dead – Vavuniya
85 12/08/1983 UNP – Tamil Organizer Mr. AG RAJASOORIYAR – UNP Chief Organiser for JAFFNA. shot dead – Jaffna
86 30/04/1983 Urban Council Candidate Mr. S. S. MUTTIAH – 1st Candidate for UC elections, CHAVAKACHCHERI. (retd PWD) shot dead – Jaffna

Shenali D Waduge

When will TNA stop using innocent tamils in Sri Lanka?

When will TNA stop using innocent tamils in Sri Lanka?


There was a time when the LTTE terrorist organization self-claimed as the sole representative of the Tamil people. And at the same time, the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) behaved in the Parliament in such a way that they are representatives of the LTTE terrorist organization.
In a nutshell, it was a known fact that LTTE terrorist organization pretended to represent Tamil People and TNA represented LTTE at the Parliament, or rather in Sri Lankan Political arena.

Now, TNA having acquired power in majority of provincial councils in the North claims oneself as the sole representative of Tamil people. However, the entire Tamil community has not voted for TNA. TNA was having talks with the government for issues in the North, but now have left the discussion table and issued an ultimatum to the government. If examined closely, one can easily understand that if these demands are met, the united country will again be divided – the very need of the TNA.

Ever since Sri Lanka was liberated from the British Empire, it had been facing issues because of corrupted malpractices of some of the political leaders.
There were many at that time – when the freedom was given – who was in the mindset that the English is “THE” thing and Sri Lanka better be a colony of the British rather a sovereign country. It was only Abdul Aziz – a Muslim leader insisted that British should leave the country with no conditions.
Having said that it’ not to be mistaken as Sri Lanka never had freedom fighters. Sri Lanka had numerous freedom fighters with immense patriotism. However, traitors also became stronger while patriots scarified their lives for the motherland.

The British giving freedom to Sri Lanka is an impact of India getting Independence from the British Empire. India and Sri Lanka was rules by the British under a consolidated fund. When the freedom fight in India got geared up, British had to let India free which result the British loosing a huge income. Ruling Sri Lanka incurring a considerable lose was quite difficult and eventually British let Sri Lanka also free.

Resources and prosperity in Sri Lanka attracted many foreign states and during the time which British was ruling Sri Lanka, many Indian immigrants came to Sri Lanka due to that reason. Indian immigrants came to Sri Lanka under British sponsorship to work on plantations in the central highlands. Comparing to labour charges, Indian labour was better and Human trafficking became a profitable business. This illegal trade made some Tamil laborers richer.

Nobody concerned about the consequences of bringing down Indian labour, they only thought about the profit they could make. This favored Indian migrates giving them a better life than the native Sinhalese and the Sinhalese became an orphan in his motherland.

Gradually, the Indian Immigrants were absorbed to the society granting citizenship, power of voting and almost every right to contribute to the country’s ruling, which again made them stronger than the native Sinhalese. They even got the backing of English and eventually the concept of separate regions came in.

This so called “separate region” concept had cost many civilian lives so far. Surprisingly, the Tamil leaders do not see the privileges enjoyed by the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

There was a constant stream of migration from southern India to Sri Lanka from primitive times. Arrival of Vijaya (first informal king of ancient Sri Lanka as per Mahavamsa), Arrival of service castes with the introduction of Buddhism, foreign traders, struggles between the kings of Sri Lanka and southern India, arrival of south Indian armies, Sri Lankan kings bringing down Indian princesses as their queens provide evidence.

Coming back to the current situation, the issues with Tamil population is used by some as a political weapon. Though they claim that the Tamil community faces problems and they are treated as a minority, none had ever specified what exactly are the issues faced by the Tamils.

Sri Lanka is the only country that has Tamil as an official language. As far as TNA is concerned, they are not bothered of Tamil issues but their main intention is to divide the country and get their share. By division, which problem of the Tamils is solved, is unclear.

Divisions happened throughout the history has done no good. Instead of addressing the issue of being united and progressing, still both Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil leaders take advantage of this “made-up Tamil Problem” with different editions just to settle their political scores.

Pilgrims getting attacked in South India in the recent times are evidence as to how bad of the guidance provided by Vaiko, Nedumaran and Jayalalitha has given to their followers.

However, objection of one Indian Political party has shown over Channel 4’s intrusion into Sri Lanka’s matters, must be commendable.

Still some political parties directly and indirectly support separatism and the propaganda of pro-LTTE elements. Thrive for power has made them blind and they are unknown that their own activities favor anti-Sri Lankan forces.
Certain parties which once showed immense patriotism by destroying public property and killing countries valuable intellectuals, is now worried of how LTTE terrorists were died.

Meanwhile, the TNA has now given the government a 10-day period to grant their demands in written. TNA is backed by the foreign Tamil population, pro-LTTE elements and even certain local political figures.
But the government should not obey these conditions. There was no TNA when the fight against terrorism was occurring. Even when LTTE terrorism was destroying public property and thousands and thousands of innocent civilians TNA was favoring the LTTE terrorists. So the government is not in anyway obliged to TNA to meet any of their demands.

In world politics there are many instances in which the Heads of States, took precautions to avoid future disturbances with the pro-LTTE elements. Having sensed the future troubles with the pro-LTTE forces during the bogus Thimpu discussions, the facilitator, king of Bhutan – Chanchuk cancelled the citizenship of all non-Buddhists. It protected the natives’ rights.

Kenya deported everyone who failed to become Africans.

In spite of being a country with higher density of Indian immigrants, Uganda departed all Indians and Asians.

Ruler of Burma, deported all Indians back to India making the native Burmese safe.

Fiji made a constitutional change and was able to shield from Tamil influence. Similarly, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore made constitutional changes releasing the country from future problems of Tamils.

Unluckily, the equality policy maintained in Sri Lanka has made the Sinhalese suffer abundantly by the various injustices caused by Tamil leaders.

The Thesawalamei Law – A highly race centric discriminatory law has secured the lands in North for the Tamils. They are allowed to reside any part in the Island but not Sinhalese. Sinhalese were chased from Northern and Eastern regions.

According to the 1981 census, the Tamil population in Colombo was 130,210. It is said that Colombo has around 50 newly-built Kovils and 500 churches belong to fundamentalism Christianity. Most of the “orphans” are now very-well settled in Colombo.

2001 census showed higher density of Tamil Population in the island and by now, the number might have increased.

However, the ethnic clearance happned after 1971, left many Sinhalese orphans in their motherland. Sinhalese in Northern and Eastern regions were either chased or killed but it didn’t make sense to anybody.

Activities of certain political leaders along with the support of foreign Tamil Diaspora and LTTE terrorists favored the anti-Sri Lankan propagandas of foreign forces and INGOs.
Still the extremist groups, drug smugglers, illegal Arm dealers, foreign spy agents, bankrupted politicians and leftists do support these sources. Nevertheless, the facts doctored by the TNA internationally has affected badly on Sri Lanka.

It is said that Norway has also sponsored certain anti-Sinhalese, anti-army forces indirectly supporting LTTE terrorists.

Bogus Peace agreement, Ceasefire agreement, Sinhalese political leaders addressing the injustices faced by the Tamils in the history, Tamil racism, extortion and even discouraging the State Armed forces made the LTTE terrorists stronger in both locally and internationally.

More than 72,000 non-Tamil lives were already sacrificed for the country’s Peace.

Just because one being a Tamilian, there is no special injustice caused. It at all there is an injustice, it is common for all – Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils. The “make up Tamil Problem” is nothing but an arm used by the bankrupted and mentally-retarded politicians and the High class Tamil community.

Though in 2004, the then President Ms. Chandrika Kumarathunga apologized the world for Tamil massacre happened in 1983 July uprising and compensated the Tamil victims, the Sinhalese victims were not treated in the same manner. Both Sinhalese and Tamil were killing in the 1983 insurgency but only the Tamils were compensated.

Government has provided food, medicine to Tamil people and even has paid salaries to the officials worked for LTTE terrorists. Unlike South, Northern region receives immense foreign donations yet most of them ended up in LTTE terrorists’ hands.

“As per our records, there are only 60,000 Tamil orphans on Sri Lanka but the central government releases aids for more than a millions people, where does this go?” told by an Indian commander of Indian Peacekeeping force while commenting on the aids process.

The TNA which speaks about the difficulties of the Tamil people all the time, seem to be unaware of the infrastrucre development happening in the North.

However, the amount of diplomacy shown by the Indian Central government amidst the influence of the South Indian political forces is highly commendable. The advice given by the Indian Prime Minister to Vaiko is also to be understood by the TNA. TNA being realistic and practical is highly required if they truly are concerned about the Tamil people.
But it should be recalled that, there is a leader and majority population who do not fall prey to the TNA and their allied foreign countries.
(An adoption of the Sinhalese article of H.L. Austin Silva for Divaina on 02.09.2011)
– Sinhalaya News


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