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The BPS intends to put both its complete collection of Bodhi Leaf and Wheel Series publications on this website. Many of these have already been put on the internet through the Dharmanet and Access to Insight Transcription projects. Moreover, we also intend to put some of our book publications from our BP Series, such as Ven. Ñānamoli’s Path of Purification, and Ven. Narada’s The Buddha and His Teachings.

Please click a link on the sub-menu to the left to visit our libraries of Book Publications, Wheel Publications, Bodhi Leaves, Newsletters, and others.

Displaying Pali and Sanskrit Characters

Our publications are available in the following formats:

  • Plain text HTML. No special characters (except ñ) will be found in these documents.
  • Plain text HTML, in Velthuis format. See the Velthuis page for details.
  • HTML with proper Pali diacriticals. For these, it will be necessary to download and install either a Unicode-compliant font, or a special 8-bit font that contains the diacriticals used in Pali. See the downloads section, below. Note that not all Unicode fonts contain the somewhat rare diacriticals required for Indic languages; it is usually necessary to download and install the fonts provided below.
  • PDF format. Consider these to be printer-ready versions of our on-line library publications. All special fonts are are embedded.

Please visit our fonts page to download the open-source fonts used on this site.

For those interested in learning the Pali Language we have offered two Pali-English dictionaries. The first, written in Microsoft® Access 97, contains both Pali–English and English-Pali entries. The second, called Pali Lookup, uses the Velthuis format to input diacritical characters, but displays the results in the open-source font Times_CSX. (This font will be automatically installed along with Pali Lookup.) Pali Lookup is a Pali-English dictionary only, but includes some useful functions such as providing a word usage count and complete declenation of each noun and adjective.


Snow in the Summer by Sayadaw U Jotika

Brief Biography of Sayadaw U Jotika

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Sayadaw U Jotika was born in Moulmein in Myanmar (formerly Burma) on the 5th of August in 1947. He was educated at a Roman Catholic missionary school. His parents were U Sattar and Daw Tin. As a young student he developed keen interest in his environment and the universe and books were his closest friends. He thought of becoming a bhikkhu (monk) even at the age of nineteen.

In 1973, he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Engineering from Rangoon Institute of Technology just before he joined the Order of Samgha.

He had developed a special interest in the subject of Meditation and became a Samanera (Novice) at the age of 26 when he gave up the life of a lay person.

He ordained as a full member of the Sangha in 1974, after 4 months as a senior novice or Koyingyee, in Meikhtila at the Taung Pu Lu Tawya. The Preceptor Sayadaw was the Most Venerable Taung Pu Lu Sayadaw, Ashin Dhamma Nandiya.

During his years in Taung Pu Lu Tawya, Ashin Jotika practised meditation under the guidance of the Late Venerable Taung Pu Lu Sayadaw. for 3 years. He spent about 15 years with Htantabin Tawya Sayadaw as his Meditation Teacher. Constant Maha Satipatthana training and practice enabled Sayadaw U Jotika to live mindfully in these days of stressful life.

Sayadaw has written and published many Dhamma books, about 13 titles so far, mainly in Myanmar (Burmese). There is only one book in English at the moment and this book, ‘Snow in the Summer’ is freely available online for pure spiritual purpose. More titles will come out in English in the future after translation from the Myanmar versions.

Sayadaw travelled abroad from time to time. He went to Melbourne (1977 and 1998) and also stayed in the United States in 1983-84 for about 16 months, conducting Dhamma talks and discussions with his devotees and friends in Santa Cruz, New York, Boston and Washington. He had visited Singapore several times on Dhamma Duta Missions as well.

The current International Tour, at the request of devotees, includes Singapore, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, New York, Toronto, Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Sayadaw left Yangon on 28th April. He is expected to be back in the first week of August, 2001 to the ‘Maha Myaing Tawya’ forest centres in Myanmar, about 10 miles from Pago (Pegu) near Yangon and in Pyinmana in Mandalay Division.


Read the Book online BY buddhanetnet

Snow in the Summer

Introduction,by Sayadaw U Jotika
Mind, Mindfulness & Meditation
On Solitude
Parental Love and Guidance

Life, Living and Death
Learning and Teaching
Value and Philosophy
Friendship, Relationships and Loving-kindness



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