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This study is a humble effort to bring forth some self-evident proofs about the missionary
activities in India. The uniqueness of this study is that the whole evidences are collected from
missionary reports itself. In this study, analysis is done purely on the basis of primary
evidences and own experiences.
The method used is analytical, free from prejudices and emotional approaches. Much
importance is given to financial aspects. The tabular columns on conversions appended
herewith, are elucidated from scattered, monthly Missionary Reports. Even though, four
Missionary organizations are taken as specimens, all aspects of these four organizations are
not covered. For studying a particular aspect, a specific group is selected. Evidences of all the
facts and figures in this study , in Original, can be produced.

It was the 1998 Dec, issue of ‘The National Missionary Intelligencer’ which I came across
accidentally in the waiting room of a renowned doctor, to whom I was a patient, that invoked
my curiosity. The cover picture of a forest cascade attracted my attention. With a secular
mind, I just went through the book. That small book was a turning point. I was thrown into
the dilemma. If I was to trust our secular media, I should not have seen this book. If I was to
trust the book, I should admit the hypocrisy of our secular media. Conversions and
conversions inside the book – still, the secular media kept silent and blamed “Hindu
Fundamentalists”. Why This? . An answer of my own, within my limitations, was needed – I
A negative approach always hinders us from understanding reality. Becoming a seeker of
Christ was the effective way. Collection of addresses of evangelical workers and
organizations was the first step. About 250 addresses, both inland and foreign, were contacted
through letters. The replies were prompt. Responses flowed in. None of the addresses
remained dormant. (These addresses are included in Appendix-1) The replies reflected the
personal management skill of Christian Missionary groups. The policies of the organization
were evident from the letters of its office bearers. Request to enroll in “Free Postal Bible
Course” rushed in. 16 out of many were chosen. The addresses of these courses with my
student registration number are given in Appendix-2.
Nearly about 500 letters were written to these evangelical groups and nearly the same
numbers of replies were received. Bibles, New Testaments, books, booklets and pamphlets
flowed in and all of them were free of cost. 30 Bibles(with old and new testaments), 20 New
Testaments, 40 books, 100 booklets and plenty of pamphlets were received by post. I even
received a Free Bible which was sent to me with Registered Post with postage of Rs72/-. In
the bible collection, an English bible signed by Gladdys June Staines. Remains significant. I
wondered why this peoples show so much interest for these activities, and how much money
spent for me.
Bible correspondence courses are free of cost. The method of teaching in each study material
is well designed. The lesson plans echoes a high sense of modern educational psychology
behind them. They give a comprehensive outlook of Christian Theology. The evaluated
answer paper and the score sheet reaches the student very promptly even from abroad.
Clarifications for our doubts touch our heart more than our brain.
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”- Each and every module of these
Bible courses concludes with this question. If our answer is ‘yes’, a chasing will start until the
prey is trapped.
Missionary reports are restricted to the Christian believers only. It is very difficult to establish
an intimate relationship with these organizations through letters, with Christ and Christian
way of life as the central theme. Enquiry about us shall secretly be conducted by our nearest
missionary or local evangelist. They may even contact us in person, with free bibles for us. If
they are convinced on our faith in Christ, we can subscribe theseMissionary Reports.
Mission field news, messages from heads of churches, request for prayers and funds,
evaluation of current situation faced by evangelists, detailed reports on missionary activities
in each states and centers. Bible quiz, reports on healing and other miracles done by
missionaries etc. fill the pages. Reports revealing the conversions serve as solid proofs, even
though exaggeration and under-estimation can be seen here and there. They reveal the
systematic work and the close monitoring they do in the name of evangelization. Some
specimens of missionary reports as Appendix-3.
Sixty four issues of six Missionary Report of four organizations were collected in a span of
two years and are preserved as primary documents. The details regarding these documents are
listed in Appendix-4.
As a part of this work, an address namely, ‘Workers Together’ in U.S.A was contacted. To
my surprise, a pastor of a Brethren Church, contacted me from my own town, his residence
was only 1km away from that of mine. He called me over telephone and invited me for a
personal meeting.(Similar incidents occurred oftenly.)
On visiting his house, he handed over to me an oxford Edition of the Bible, printed in New
York, and a few booklets and pamphlets. What astonished me was, that the pastor had with
him, a copy of letter which I had sent to U.S.A. On enquiring about how the nearness of my
residence with that of the pastor was understood by the party at Bangalore, he showed me an
official directory of the list of the evangelists working in India, with their family photographs
and complete details arranged in the order of PIN codes. Another directory of their
worldwide network was also shown to me.
One day, an evangelist traveled all the way from Trivandrum to my office, about 120 Km
away, to present me two copies of the Holy Bible – one in English and one in Malayalam,
each worth Rs.150/- each, and a few booklets and pamphlets.
In this study, Missionary Reports are analysed on two aspects. One, analysis of the number of
conversions done as reported by missionaries and, two, financial analysis. Number of
conversions. Number of conversions done by two missionary groups are analysed and
tabulated in three appendices. The conversion figures related to Friends Missionary Prayer
Band as abridged from their monthly reports and annual reports are attached herewith as
appendices 5and 6 respectively. Appendix-7
Shows the number of conversions done by National Missionary Society of India. A report by
A.Bhaskaran, General Secretary of the National Missionary Society of India regarding the
number of conversions in each mission fields in Karnataka, during his inspection visit to
Bijapur, is produced as Appendix-8.
Even though analysis of Balance sheets is done elaborately, it is not described here. But
tabular columns revealing the main heads are given as appendices so that a comparison can
be made easily. Main heads from the Balance sheet of Friends Missionary Prayer Band as
on 31-3-2000 is given as Appendix-9 and that of Vishwavani as on 31-3-99 and 31-3-2000 is
given as Appendix-10, Appendix-11 brings us to the conclusion that even the death of a
missionary has a catalytic effect in income generation.
By taking only 4 missionary groups for study, we are limiting the scope and nature of
missionary activities. This study is only a tip of iceberg of the actual situation. Even though
certain missionary groups could be traced, detailed study of all these groups is still defiance.
The details of such Missionary organizations and their various ministries, programmes and
activities meant for ‘harvesting of souls’ is noted in Appendix-12. The actual number of
organizations will definitely exceed our estimation.
The structural layout of two organizations was traced. Details of Missions India and
Viswavani are given as Appendix-13 and 14. Growth in number of Missionaries and growth
in income are graphically represented in Appendix-15.

The policies betray the policy-makers. Two specimens of policies of one Indian and one
International organization are given as Appendix-16. The so-called secularists, politicians,
intellectuals and cultural giants accidentally or deliberately ignore these policies. They often
project their own secular ideas as the policy of Christian Missionaries. For example, when
there policy clearly states that,
“we view evangelism with Conversion as a goal and we want to see people
leave their former faiths, whether they are secular or religious faiths, and
follow Christ as their only lord”, our secularists hail the missionaries as
apostles of secularism.
The actual figures of foreign contributions can never be traced out precisely. A report
submitted by Central Intelligence Dept. to Central Home Ministry regarding this matter is
given as Appendix-17 and an unofficial report published in a publication by The New Indian
Express is attached as Appendix-18. The veracity of government reports and unofficial
reports must be suspected. such a situation is explained in the note given in Appendix-18.
Whatever studies we conduct and whatever facts we reveal, are turned down by our ‘secular’
media and our pseudo-cultural giants and misinterpreted before the public as ‘Indian Hindu
Fundamentalism ’ and atrocities against minority communities. The world renowned BBC
had serialized a vivid and clear picture of the global Missionary activities, in the late eighties
of the 20th century itself. When the BBC had serialized through the television, was published
as a book named “MISSIONARIES” by BBC Books, a division of BBC, books, in 1990. this
book researched and documented by Julian Pettifer and Richard Bradley, reveals the
insuperable and inhuman methods adopted by missionaries of expanding the boundaries of
Christendom, yet inconceivable for Indian intelligentia. It clearly shows us how much
securely and compassionate these missionaries are. This book is the one of the strong
evidence of the cancerous and monstrous face of Christian missionaries, who have invaded
and conquered nearly the whole of the world and it gives a deathblow to the arguments of the
missionaries that they are the sole agents of love, charity, compassion and even modern
civilization. This very book is more than enough for revealing the hypocrisy of the secular
missionaries. Some extracts from the above book are given as Appendix-19. Have our
secular media and secular cultural giants seen this book or they pretended not to have seen?
(1) Socio-cultural circumstances which pay way to conversions are not considered in
the study.
(2) Only four missionary groups are analysed and the rest are left. There may be
much more missionary groups working in the same fields(selected missionary
activity area).
(3) The consequences of conversions are not covered.
(4) The threat to national security in the north-eastern states due to missionary
activities , are described even though studied.
(5) The deceiving figures that Christian population forms only less than 2.5% in India
is revealed in this study, but not explained.
(6) The power politics played by the missionaries are not covered.
(7) The role of Christian NGOs in missionary activities is not taken in to account,
even though this is a key area to be studied and exposed before the public.
A collective intellectual work should initiated. Creative solutions should be elucidated from
such works. Datas from missionary reports should be documented yearly. The work must be
centralized. Arrangements should be made to reveal the facts to the public. The social
backwordness in some of the sectors of hindu society should not be overloaded. Now our
strategy on conversions is antagonistic. The correct antidote should be applied considering
each situations. Aggression always (even though they are highlighted) may not prove fruitful.
A socially organized Hindu society with sound cultural awareness is the ultimate solution.
First, we must know ‘Swadharma’ ,then only we can sense the merits an demerits of
‘paradharma’. Cherish in our hearts, the lines from Gita, “Death in one’s own Dharma is
nobler then accepting Paradharma“. Only by practicing it in our life, we can be true to ourself and true to our great tradition

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About ජාතික බෞද්ධ බලවේගය

Ayubowan! The National Buddhist Authority (NBA) a well developed organizations which were officially battle against the Rascals who are in local society and who were engage as an international persons for poverty alleviation as a cover for proselytizing activity. We may put our advanced heritage presser which our ancestor did upon the peoples who dealing with converting our peoples for any other faith and Abuse (Insulting Speech) of our culture and the moral of Buddhist main concepts. We are secretly finding the necessary static data and also exploring entrench area and giving an “ON THE SPOT” action without thinking difficulty or danger that must be rise within sound of whom think that converting to their faith is fundamental right in our “Dhrama Dveepa”. Regarding need ness of the case we will report in writing with dates, place name or persons involved and all cases of abuse or illegal activities in the name of a religion or faith and first and last attempted to convert persons in Sri-Lanka to Buddhist organizations, temple, nearest Police Station, Grama Niladari and other local authority as well as presidency level. National Buddhist Authority eager to call upon all Sinhalese Buddhist organizations(International too) to join hands in a Endeavour to defeat the proselytizing efforts of sponsored evangelical and other NGO organizations and thereby to guard the Sinhalese Buddhist culture and tradition for posterity, Relating to their fantasy book,Fantasy Story David did killed the philistine champion who named as Goliath, then all of us too cannot fail. NOTE: This cite is not aimed at or against Christians Or Muslims or Any Other faith Holders.This site is aimed against Christians,Muslim or who ever seek or want to convert Buddhist to Christianity or Muslim or other goodish doctrine. We Buddhist refer to them as "missionaries." We Buddhist respect Christians or Muslim or other followers who maintain the doctrines of their belief, but we do not accept anyone's "right" to proselytize.


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